Saturday, April 4, 2009


hola peps! hoaaaaahm its 11, and i just got up from my late nap. actually i got up on 9, i heard my phone rang. i picked it up, and that was my stupid silly friend, HAHA :p he asked me some stuff for Quantum Camp(cant wait!!!) and we talked bout things for a while. he made jokes that always making me laugh hahahaha. suddenly the call ended, i guessed itu gara2 batre hp gue udah low. norak ya, kenapa ga sekalian nunggu batre abis.

sekarang udah jam12. and i dont know what to do. i was working on a task that my guru les gave me this afternoon. he said, itu try out math buat jakarta timur apa manaaaa gitu. and he said that's important for me to do that. i thought its hard, hmmm now i think it aint as hard as i thought. i must be study hard for my exam. hmmm 22days to go, i dont think im ready but i have to. AAAAAAAAAAAH IM SCARED. i wish i'll get 37 / 36,8 for my nem.. im stressed out -_-

hmmm its about midgnight, i cant sleep. i currently listen to nevershoutnever's song, yourbiggestfan. i hope i have something to watch, tv gue daritadi siang disney terus, blm ganti2, and im too lazy buat ganti2 channel sebenernya. AND i dont even know where my remote is. hmm i think i'll continue finishing my task. ANDDDDDD not forgetting, i would love to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WIANA AND RIKO!! AND(again) SELAMAT DINTA&NINET buat masuknya mereka ke tahap selanjutnya gogirl look 2009. capek ya liat nyokap dan anak gue di kluarga xx pada bakat model semua, huff. byee peps. -pol


Anna Molly ♥ said...

ntr gue jd gadis sampul tunggu saja hahahahahaha!

Tiara! said...

amiiiiiiiin, ku doakan selalu moi *)