Sunday, April 12, 2009


its 30 to 9. im waiting for a friend of mine to call me. he called me 'bout 1hour ago, but i didnt make it, cause i was working on my paten book. i told him to call me at 9, but he hasnt call me yet, im sure he'll tell me bout the girl that he had crush on, and i was kinda freaking out when i knew which girl. i was like WAAAAAW KO BISA? im wondering the day when they walk as a couple, a girlf and boyf, huff. if u know u them, u'll think what im thinking right know..

and now its 11. i cant sleep, and im waiting a call from my friend (AGAIN). the person above had call me, and we talked for about 2hours. then my battery got empty. and he said he want to sleep, well okay. i charged my esia. then lets talk about my other friend. hmmm he's CLBK sama his ex but he wont admit that. see my conversation w/ him on msn:
O: jgn bilang....clbk ya?
X: urgh
O: IYA?????
X: plis no more..
O: DEMI APA???? tp coba aja lagi..
X: Nooooo
X: diem deh
O: brarti bener dong yang gue bilang..
X: i dont want to remember her, meet her, talk about her and other
O: kenapa siiiiih?
X: ya gimana ya gatau, udah ada yg mau kali
O: ya tapi lo juga mau kannn, lo harus usaha kalo lo mauuu
X: no i dont want to, let somebody take her pleaseee
O: yakin? ga nyesel?
X: engga. someone could do better than me
O: aww (:
(X = him, O = me)
how sweeeeeeeeet. haha i never imagine someone like him could say that. but im happy for him, well thou he didnt want to admit that he's in love again with his ex, he thought he'll repeat his fault from their past when they're together, but im sure he wont. and so does his ex. i love when they're together, and im hoping they'll back together :)
everbody was sooo in love today. like my 2friends above, and other people. im happy for them :) Cheers!

(ps: dont ask me about the persons above, i wont tell)


Anna Molly ♥ said...


Tiara! said...

maaf nak.. itu ga bisa huff

Anna Molly ♥ said...

................... hufff huf huf huf mati penasaran. tebakan gue gk bener soalnya

Anna Molly ♥ said...

eh tp gue lg mikirin seseorang nih......bener gk ya???

Tiara! said...

siapa emang yang lo pikir mod....?

dinta akhirani risti said...

siapa tiiiiii?