Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tough Love

for those who loves Kristen Stewart..

1. Her first movie role was in The Flinstones: Viva Rock Vegas

2. She hated high school, but wants to go to Yale or Columbia

3. She never kissed a real vampire, who doesnt want to

4. She looked good in every.single.outfit.they put on her.

i dont know why am i writing this sort of thing. im not her fan, or kind of. but then, last night when i first saw that picture and facts, there's a part of me that wanted to write it here. Tough Love.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

teen vogue.

look at this:
im on teen vogue!
nyahaha becanda deeeng.
tapi seneng yg bulan june/july nya Selena.
buy it! or regret it later...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blair&Chuck's symphony.

Blair: "3 words, 8 letters, just say it and im yours"

Red hot blood coursing through the veins
Image of him, flooding all her brain
In the same old place
Embracing a brand new solace

A familiar face
Blazing a stranger's fiendish gaze
Filthy lewd plunderers
Carefree lazy sojourners

Finger, tongues and legs entwine
Under the moonlight oh so clandestine
Bonnie and Clyde can close the deal tonight
Cares abandoned for the soul's delight.

(the text could be little bit filthy, but how sweet....i wish at the end of the show, they'll be together as a couple)

tick tock tick tock

yay! today is a has-nothing-to-do day! free to do wtvr i wanted to. but hmmm ya, its kinda bored, just hanging around in front of my laptop since 10 a.m. daritadi juga bukanya yg sama doang; Blog, Facebook, Plurk, and kaskus. but, i just decided to read Beauty Pop, jadi mau ke onemanga duluuu.

i watched 2 episodes of gossip girl today. i was kinda freakin crazy bout Blair&Chuck! what in the world are they thinking abouttttt???? why she choose Nate? thou i know, Nate is hotter than Chuck. and and Poppi ruined everything!!!! kesel deh, udah seneng2 juga tuh idup mereka, lo pake dateng segala kesel. and....guess what? the evil bitch comes back around. yea, Georgina Sparks. she used to be a bible girl now, but because of something she turns into evil....again. come on ep. 24&25 udah ada doooong, penasaran bgt pengen nonton lanjutannya nih gila.

you knooooo, staying at home has made me eat a lot. and im sure my weight naiiik lagi. ditambah gue ladi datang bulan juga, jadi bawaannya kepengen makan....kenapa siiiiih mesti kyk gini. why are these f-ing foods here?????? ga usah ada makanan aja deh dirumah biar ga gue makan.....mana mama bawa makanan enak lagi nih. i thought it's a makanan ikan, taunya makanan dari ikan. ini nih

its almost 11, im listening to Lilly Allen's Not Fair song. still dont know what to do, ive read beauty pop tapi malah bikin ngantukkk dan capek, mesti nge klik2 sama halamannya gede banget. huff. i'll find kerjaan laen deh, daripada over weight kebanyakan makan. prom: 43 days left!


i want it! i want to go there!!!!!!!!
how come they dont come to Indonesia???
Boys like Girls & NeverShoutNever would be perfect!
Ugh, god bring them here, pleaseeee :(

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sweet dream, dear.

what could be better than something called, dreaming?
i had a wonderful dream last night.
god, could you just turn my dream into a real life?
im begging you, thou i know it wont be..

blare chuck!

see see!

what d'ya think?
i found this, couple days ago, and like to upload it here.
i couldnt find any information bout them on wikipedia.
besides his british accent, his voice sounds like brendon urie, doesnt it?
unyuuuuu, how cute!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, 09/05/09

yesterday was.....good. actually last night was kinda creepy. i was at PIM with plenty of my friends. we watched Bukan Cinta Biasa, gue pikir kyk frik gitu filmnya....taunya engga ko. bagus juga lumayan filmnya, kocak gitu, lumayan buat ketawa haha. there were 2 rows, gue sama Ninet, Tasya, Bibil. terus yg satunya ada Dea, Audry, Tyas, Manda, Egi, Qalista. can u imagine that....? yea, rusuh bangettttt. barisan mereka tuh paling berisik sendiri deh parhoy. komentar mulu, pas gelap aja keliatan mereka gerak2 mulu, huf...

terus.....kita nyusulin yang lain gitu kan. it was 6. they're at food court. sebenernya males banget deh kesana, pasti ramenya naujubilah, udah kyk semut2 gitu disana. tpi ga ada tempat lain juga yang bisa didudukin gratis tanpa beli apa2....hehehehehe. ya tapi abis itu ketemu sebentar, trs abis itu langsung jalan lagi kan. kita ke wendy's akhirnya. si Tari, Audry, sama Dea beli makan. Tari asked us to accompany her to Codefin. tadinya gue sama Dinda kan yaa emang pengen kesana juga, banyak juga yg lain yang disana. ada yg jemput gue kalo disana. jadinya ga ada yg jadi ke sana dech.

abis ituuuuuuu gue, Dinda, Egi, Tasya, Ninet ke food court lagi kan, misah sama yang di wendy's tuh. si Ninet, Egi, sama Tasya mau beli makan, gue sama Dinda cuma ikut aja :p trs pas sampe, Ninet&Egi langsung beli makan gitu kan. there were only Tasya, Dinda and i. pas lagi ngobrol2 gitu ber3, ketawain Uwie2 nih sama Witje gitu ahahahahaha, tp tiba2 ada yang dateng gitu. a suspicious-middle-age guy came over our table. he said he's from survey tim atau apaaa gitu. he asked us a question about boy and girl, frik deh pokonya, ga jelas gitu. trs dia kyk ngenalin dirinya gitu, kyk maksa salaman dh, padahal Tasya kyk udah gamau gitu, tp akhirnya salaman juga.....serem. terus abis nanya2 sebentar ga jelas, akhirnya di pergi gitu deh, frik bgt sumpah. and it happened TWICE. kyknya sih temennya yg pertama gitu, dtg gitu jg tiba2. tp bedanya, kalo yg ini lebih rame, jadi kyk lebih tenang.

then my parents picked me up at 9 or 9.30, they bought something from food hall, and i begged to them for a boooooook :B and they said, yes. yay! i was looking for Notorious, but i didnt find it. there were only Reckless and Lucky. huh sebel, padahal pengen baca banget. but then i saw The Clique! i thought itu yg keberapaaa gitu, eh ternyata judulnya emg The Clique doang jadi ya vol.1, wii langsung beli itu deh. ive searched that book for a couple of months, and didnt find it anywhere. lucky me ;)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

good girls go bad.

cant find the full song on imeem, so i uploaded from youtube.

hear it.... cool uh? its cobra starship ft. leighton meester.
i never thought she could sing, but its great.


Happy Birthday Nabila Khumaira!

today is bibil's birthday! me and my friends planned to give her a surprise party ;) since her house is at Pamulang, my friend said that we should gather at 8 p.m, and i doubted i can make it. cause, hello? saturday, we could get extra sleep. but lastly, i could make it, yay! Manda ping me a hundred time (i think) to wake me up. i woke up at 6, then watched tv till 7, then took a bath. i thought i was the last person that arrive, but i wasnt. then we waited for my other friends, then went to Bibil's at 9. i was with Manda, Disa, Egi, and Didi. and there were Tari, Dinta, Andri, Ninet, Audry and Audi, at Tari's car. then we picked Dhea and Tyas up first. i never thought that her house's really really far. when we arrived, there was om Bambang(Bibil's dad) in front of their house, then we got out from the car. we ignited the candle first, the got in to Bibil's house. then we sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIBIL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIBIL" wiiiiii, that's tooooooooo fun. when we ate the cake, Bibil's dad gave us a lecture bout friendship. and that made me so sad, remember that in the next 2 months, we'll separate by our high schools. oh ya! we read Bibil's-6th grade-diary and that's toooooooooooo "COOL" wakakakakaka, cant find word to describe it deh, mesti baca sendiri, ahahahahaha. and the point is, i just want to say happy birthday to my flat-fishy-face friend, love you Bil :D

p.s: i'll upload the photo, soon.

Friday, May 8, 2009

cutest, ever.

didnt find another better, jadi sama kyk gogirl! deh ~_~

Selena + Taylor = PERFECTO!
never imagine.... i was shocked! tapi seneng banget!
i love the girl since wizards of waverly place,
and the guy since shark boy&lava girl.
happy for you both!
awet yaaa, langgeng sama nikah deh pokonya harus!!!!!!! (kyk dibaca)

soccer thing.

i remembered last year. when there was UEFA&EURO cup. i was kinda reallllllly excited. yesterday, my friend asked me to bet for Manchester United vs. Barcelona. i was okay, i accepted it. im positive MU will be the winner, AGAIN.

last year, i betted for MU, when MU against Chelsea. and i won HAHAHAHAHA. and when EURO, i betted for Spain. and what? i won agaiiiiiiiin. i won against my friends, father, and brother B) but they havent gave me the money -_-

i hope this year will be my lucky year again. but unluckily, i havent watched soccer game this year, it's because of my full-time-work. because all of the exams, i just see the result, hmmm. but i hope i can watch that MU vs. Barca, which is i dont know when -_- yaa pokonya, GO RED DEVILS!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

happy birthday!

maaf ga ada gambar yang lebih mending, parah semua :p

i would love to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AA!!! love ya so much. but unfortunately, he's sick :(
hope u like my little present, and the cupcake. wish u all the veryveryveryyyyyyy best! good luck with ur band, and everything. semoga masuk ya yg worldwide itu.....hehe. oke love u brotherrrrrr <3>SMOOCH.