Saturday, May 9, 2009


Happy Birthday Nabila Khumaira!

today is bibil's birthday! me and my friends planned to give her a surprise party ;) since her house is at Pamulang, my friend said that we should gather at 8 p.m, and i doubted i can make it. cause, hello? saturday, we could get extra sleep. but lastly, i could make it, yay! Manda ping me a hundred time (i think) to wake me up. i woke up at 6, then watched tv till 7, then took a bath. i thought i was the last person that arrive, but i wasnt. then we waited for my other friends, then went to Bibil's at 9. i was with Manda, Disa, Egi, and Didi. and there were Tari, Dinta, Andri, Ninet, Audry and Audi, at Tari's car. then we picked Dhea and Tyas up first. i never thought that her house's really really far. when we arrived, there was om Bambang(Bibil's dad) in front of their house, then we got out from the car. we ignited the candle first, the got in to Bibil's house. then we sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIBIL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIBIL" wiiiiii, that's tooooooooo fun. when we ate the cake, Bibil's dad gave us a lecture bout friendship. and that made me so sad, remember that in the next 2 months, we'll separate by our high schools. oh ya! we read Bibil's-6th grade-diary and that's toooooooooooo "COOL" wakakakakaka, cant find word to describe it deh, mesti baca sendiri, ahahahahaha. and the point is, i just want to say happy birthday to my flat-fishy-face friend, love you Bil :D

p.s: i'll upload the photo, soon.