Friday, May 8, 2009

soccer thing.

i remembered last year. when there was UEFA&EURO cup. i was kinda reallllllly excited. yesterday, my friend asked me to bet for Manchester United vs. Barcelona. i was okay, i accepted it. im positive MU will be the winner, AGAIN.

last year, i betted for MU, when MU against Chelsea. and i won HAHAHAHAHA. and when EURO, i betted for Spain. and what? i won agaiiiiiiiin. i won against my friends, father, and brother B) but they havent gave me the money -_-

i hope this year will be my lucky year again. but unluckily, i havent watched soccer game this year, it's because of my full-time-work. because all of the exams, i just see the result, hmmm. but i hope i can watch that MU vs. Barca, which is i dont know when -_- yaa pokonya, GO RED DEVILS!!!!